Ebrahim Forouzesh

Born in Tehran in 1939 Ebrahim Forouzesh studied film and T.V directing at the college of Dramatic Arts. He started his carrer as a staff of the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults in 1970. As the Manager of the cinematographic centre for seven years, he was responsible for the production of over 70 films, shorts,  features and animations.

Feature Films
2010: The First Stone: 35mm-colour-90min
2008: A Time to Love: 35mm-colour-90min
2008: Hanoun and Darya: 35mm-colour-86min
2001: Children of Petrolium: 35mm-colour-90min
1998: The Little Man: 35mm-colour-85min
1994: The Jar: 35mm-colour-86min
1987: The Key: 35mm-colour-70min