Original title: SEVEN AND A HALF
International title: SEVEN AND A HALF
Type: Fiction, Second Feature




* Neda Jebreili…………..Shabaneh
* Hasti Mahdavi………….Negar
* Anahita Afshar…………Nahid)
* Fereshteh Hosseini…..Fereshteh
* Sheyda Khaligh………..Niloufar
* Afsaneh Kamali………..Rahil
* Rojan Taghizadeh…….Mina

Director : Navid Mahmoudi
Screenplay : Navid Mahmoudi
Director of Photography : Mehran Mamdouh
Editing : Nima Jafari Jozani
Music : Sahand Mehdizadeh
Sound Designer : Hossein Ghourchian
Sound Recordist : Saeid Bojnourdi
Set Designer : Mehdi Moussavi
Costume Designer : Shabnam Asghari
Visual effects : Alireza Ghaderi Aghdam
Make-Up Artist : Mohammadreza Ghomi

Line Producer : Alireza Bagherbeigi
Producer : Jamshid Mahmoudi
Production Company : Aseman Parvaz Film

Shooting format : Digital 4K
Camera : Arri – Alexa Mini
Lenses : Zeiss Master Prime

Screening format : DCP
Sound : 5.1 Surround
Ratio : 16:9
Original version : Persian
Subtitled in : English
Running Time : 75 min
Year : 2019

Fiction – Colour – 75 min – 2019 – Iran / Afghanistan

The tale of seven girls; Shabaneh, Negar, Nahid, Fereshteh, Niloufar, Rahil and Shekar. Though each has her own individual story, none had the chance of finding love once they lost control of their destiny through either forced marriage or rape.


Director’s statement
When I was a child, I attended a village wedding in my native Afghanistan. As the music played the villagers danced with great joy to the point of dropping with exhaustion.
As dawn broke, a terrifying scream woke the sleeping guests. The groom had killed his bride after discovering she was not a virgin.
In the eyes of those attending, the young woman’s family had forever been dishonoured.
Though very young, I still remember this dramatic event and retain the fear that marriages may well end in mourning.

*- 24th Busan International Film Festival, South Korea. October 03-12, 2019. ‘A Window on Asian Cinema’ Section
*- 8th Persian International Film Festival, Sydney, Australia. December 04 – 08, 2019. ‘Competition’ Section
*- 18th Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF), Bangladesh. January 11-19, 2020. ‘Cinema of the World’ Section
*- Black Movie Film Festival, Geneva, Switzerland. January 17-26, 2020.
*- 30th Festival of Films from Iran, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, USA. February 08 – March 01, 2020.
*- 8th Asian Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain. October 28-November 08, 2020. ‘NETPAC’ Section
*- 6th Indie Meme Film Festival, Texas, USA. April 16-18 & April 23-25, 2021. ‘Best Film Narrative Feature’ Competition

*Winner of: *Best Feature* at the 8th Persian International Film Festival, Australia, 2019.
*Winner of: *Honorable Mention* Best Narrative Feature at the 6th Indie Meme Film Festival, Texas, USA, 2021.